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Find your highest Payoff SEO Activities

You've covered the SEO basics, now what?
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Determine what SEO attributes are important to focus on specific to your website and industry.


Order your task list so that you only focus on the highest payoff activities first.


Ensure that tasks are matched and measured against SEO results-based improvements.

Know what SEO task to do next and why

Get a prioritised list of things to do that will improve your website’s search engine ranking.


Brands that love us

From finance to travel, retail and health, top brands are trusting GlassHat to help shape and plan their organic search activity.



“We signed on for an SEO campaign using the GlassHat program, starting 5 months ago, and the results have been excellent.”

- Anita Wolf, Fusion Health


“NRMA have worked with Search Academy for the past 15 months. Their approach to SEO using the GlassHat platform is really unique and has contributed to the exceptional results.”

- Nick St John, NRMA Motoring